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Anastasia Animated Movie: Reasons Why Grand Duchess Anya Is Believable?

Monday, March 19, 2018
Anastasia is a 1997 animated film produced by Fox Animation Studio and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The main character of said movie is Anastasia (also known as Anya), and she just so happens to be a Grand Duchess.

Why and how is it possible for Anya to learn how to be a Grand Duchess so quickly? Is this realistic and believable?

*Warning for possible spoilers of the Anastasia 1997 animated movie by Fox

The story of the Anastasia movie

This animated film is actually based on the myth or rumor that Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov of Russia, the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, was able to survive the Romanov massacre.

Anya, the main character

An incident in Russia causes Anya to lose her memories

In this movie, we are introduced to Anya (voiced by Kirsten Dunst (child) and Meg Ryan (adult)), the main and title character. She lost her memories and was unfortunately separated from her family when she was very young.

The only clue that Anya has and her reasons for wanting to leave Russia

The only clue that she has as to the whereabouts of her family is thanks to a locket. This locket has the words "together in Paris". Believing that she can find her family and her true identity in Paris, France, Anya wants to go there.

Anastasia, Anya, animated movie, grand duchess Anastasia Romanov, Russia, 1997, 20th century fox, Dimitri
Anya is the main character of this 1997 animated movie by Fox Animation Studio. The guy beside Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov of Russia in this pic is Dimitri, the Russian guy who wants the money that the Dowager Empress is offering, but ends up falling in love with the protagonist instead

Anya meets 2 Russian men: Dimitri and Vladimir

Anya meets Vladimir (voiced by Kelsey Grammer) and Dimitri (voiced by John Cusack) in Russia. These 2 have the means of getting her to Paris.

The Russians are looking for an Anastasia look-alike in order to fool the Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna (voiced by Angela Lansbury).

Marie is looking for her granddaughter, the Grand Duchess Anastasia, and is prepared to pay a huge sum of money to whoever can reunite her with her long-lost granddaughter.

Dimitri and Vladimir want this money. Seeing that Anya looks so similar to the real grand duchess, they convince her that she just might be the Dowager Empress' granddaughter. Since the 2 men are heading to Paris where Marie is, Anya agrees to go with them.

Anya learns how to be a grand duchess on short notice

Vladimir and Dimitri teach Anya everything that they know about Anastasia to ensure that the Dowager Empress will fall for the ruse.

By the time they arrive in Paris, Anya knows all there is to know about being Grand Duchess Anastasia. As such, she is able to easily answer all the questions thrown at her by Sophie (voiced by Bernadette Peters), Marie's lady-in-waiting and first cousin.

Sophie was tasked by the Dowager Empress to test all the women who claimed to be Anastasia since there were many who merely pretended to be the grand duchess just so that they could get the reward money.

This is the official trailer for the Anastasia 1997 animated movie by Fox Animation Studio

Why and how is this believable and realistic?

At first glance, it may seem unbelievable and even unrealistic to see how quickly and easily Anya was able to know and learn all these things about being Anastasia in such a short period of time.

After all, is it really possible for someone to know everything there is to know about a person? How does the Anastasia animated film manage to make this part believable and realistic then?

The answer lies in the way the passage of time worked in this movie. This made all these things seem plausible, realistic, and believable.

Traveling from St. Petersburg, Russia to Paris, France

Anya, Dimitri, and Vladimir didn’t get to Paris, France in one single day. It took them quite some time before they arrived at their destination and before they got to meet up with Sophie and the Dowager Empress.

They were in St. Petersburg, Russia at first. Then, they had to ride a train and they even had to board a ship before they could finally arrive in Paris, France. This meant that Anya had all that time to learn all the things that she needed to know about Anastasia.

Anastasia, Anya, animated movie, grand duchess Anastasia Romanov, Russia, 1997, 20th century fox, Dimitri, Rasputin
See that weird and odd-looking guy on the right? That's supposed to be Rasputin. In the Anastasia 1997 animated film by Fox, he's the main evil villain or antagonist who's out to get Anya

Importance of time and the truth that Anya is Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov of Russia

This meant that Dimitri and Vladimir had all that time to teach Anya all the information that she needed to know. Anya also had all that time to learn how to act and be like Anastasia.

The fact that Anya really is the Grand Duchess Anastasia also helped because this meant that she already knows all the things that Dimitri and Vladimir are telling her about.

It’s just that, thanks to her amnesia, she couldn’t recall anything. However, the memories were still inside her even if she couldn’t remember them. She just needed a little boost to help her remember everything.

What do you think?

So, what about you? What do you think? Do you agree that it was believable, possible, and realistic that Anya was able to learn how to act like Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov of Russia so quickly and easily? Or do you think that this was unbelievable and that it doesn't make sense?

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Why You Will Think Of A Movie Trailer When You See This Free Beer Commercial?

Saturday, February 10, 2018
This beer commercial actually stars American actor David Duchovny. He’s well-known for his role in Californication and The X-Files TV series.

One of the unique things about this commercial is the fact that it's NOT an American commercial and yet it stars an American actor. This is actually a Russian commercial. It's for the Russian beer brand known as Siberian Crown (Сибирская Корона (read as Sibirskaya Korona) in Russian Cyrillic).

david duchovny, commercial, russian beer, Siberian Crown, Сибирская Корона, Sibirskaya Korona, russia, cyrillic

In the commercial, David wonders what his life would have been like if he’d been born in Russia, if he were Russian. In the end, he says that there are many things that Russians can be proud of. Check out this post for more info about the commercial.

Thoughts on the Siberian Crown Russian beer commercial starring David Duchovny

I thought it was an okay commercial, but it was kind of long. In fact, if you didn't know from the beginning that this was a commercial for beer, you would have thought that this was actually a trailer for a movie.

Why you'd think this is actually a movie trailer and NOT a commercial?

It's not just because of the length of the commercial. It's also because the Siberian Crown beer only shows up twice in the whole video (at the beginning when David Duchovny orders beer at the bar and at the end when he gets the beer he ordered) even though the entire thing should have been all about it.

The logo itself can only be seen at the end. So, it's pretty hard to see what most of the so-called commercial has to do with the Siberian Crown beer. I talk more about this issue in this post here.

Controversy and Criticism

There's also a lot of controversy and criticism surrounding this commercial and David Duchovny, considering what has happened in the world (such as the Malaysian Airlines MH17 tragedy, which is being blamed on Russia, and the crisis in Ukraine).

What's your opinion?

So, if you’ve seen the Russian beer commercial, what did you think about it?

If you haven't seen the commercial yet, here's a YouTube video:

Note: yes, it's a commercial for Russian beer, but this particular video includes English subtitles. Plus, since it actually stars an American actor, most of the dialog is in English. There's Russian Cyrillic too for those who can read and understand the aforementioned language.

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- This was previously published on Niume on November 21, 2016

Why This Movie's Romantic Plot Will Surprise You

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Also known as, "Why this movie annoyed me at first?" and "Why you don't need to be with your first love?"

So, I saw this movie, not that I was intending to watch it or anything. It was more of just flipping through the channels and coming across said film.

A cliché love story

Anyway, the story’s pretty cliché. Girl falls in love with boy. They end up together. They break up. Years later, they meet again and they end up having to work together. You know where this is going, right?

romance, movies, plot, cliche, reviews, love story
Once upon a time, the girl and the boy were together. But they broke up. The boy moved on and is now very happy with someone else. Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said about the girl.

The girl is still in love with the guy and wants to get back together with him, but the guy already has a girlfriend. Said girlfriend is conveniently not around at the moment though. You know, so the two ex-lovers can spend more time together. Cliché? Yeah, I know.

The movie really makes you think the 2 will end up back together, which is not nice in the least makes for a bad plot. Okay, scratch that. I would have used a strikethrough, but it looks like the Niume editor doesn't have that feature. Or am I just missing something? Oh, well-

Edited to add: Niume may not have this feature, but the Google Blogger post editor sure does, so, here, have a strikethrough.

Anyway, it's not just "not nice," it's horribly cliché in an annoying, unoriginal and uninspired way, like, can't they come up with something a little more different? How many times has this entire scenario played out? Seriously?

How could cheating on someone you love ever be a good thing?

We soon meet the girlfriend and she’s actually nice. What’s not nice is how her boyfriend is cheating on her behind her back. The nerve and the gall of that guy especially considering how nice and kind his current girlfriend is. How infuriating.

What I did like was that the movie actually gave the girlfriend a pretty likable personality. Usually, the current girlfriend will be shown to be a bad person and one who is clearly not good for the guy just so the guy can end up back together with his first girlfriend.

romance, love story, reviews
The guy's girlfriend was actually pretty nice and kind, which was rather surprising since, usually, the current girlfriend will be turned into an unlikable person just so the guy can get back together with his first love.

I don't like that because why do you have to turn a woman into some evil devil or something just to justify the romance between the main characters? It should be perfectly possible to have the guy get back together with his first girlfriend without turning his current girlfriend into a horrible person.

This reminds me of The Wedding Singer movie. In the beginning, the ex of the main male character played by Adam Sandler was portrayed as a likable person. She just wasn't right for the hero of the story, and that was perfectly okay. However, unfortunately, instead of sticking to this, the movie ended up turning the ex into an unlikable character just to create more tension and conflict.

Why would you break up with the person you love?

Anyway, we soon find out that the girl (the first girlfriend) started this mess. She’s the one who broke up with the guy and left him without explaining anything. Now she wants to get back together with him. Seriously, what’s wrong with her? They don’t deserve each other.

Movies shouldn't be so predictable

I keep expecting the 2 to end up back together and the girlfriend to be left all alone. I know, why am I still watching it, right? I don’t know, but I assure you, I was flipping through the channels a lot especially since some parts of this movie take way too much time (for example, when the guy and girl were talking to each other, that scene took forever to finish, I swear).

In the end, this movie turned out to be a pleasant surprise

Guess what, the movie wasn’t so annoying after all. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised when the guy and girl didn’t end up back together. That’s right. You heard me. The guy went back to his nice and sweet girlfriend, and, as for the girl, well, she finally moved on.

Why can't people be single and happy?

I’d say she’s happily single, but the movie seems to think she can’t be truly happy without a guy because the end has her meeting several men. Ugh, I hate that trope.

I'll talk about it more in another post, but, seriously, how come people need to be with someone just to be happy? There are some who choose to be single and are perfectly happy to be single. There's nothing wrong with that, right? What do you think about all this?

Here are some of the comments from this article, back when it used to be posted elsewhere:

Zack Plourd wrote on 27/10/16:
This is a great opinion piece. But what's the name of the movie?

Freya Yuki replied to Zack Plourd on 29/10/16:
Thanks. Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch this movie from the beginning. I discovered it while I was flipping through channels, so I didn't get the title.

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