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Why The Death Scene In Happy Gilmore Movie Is Believable?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
(Warning for possible spoilers for the Happy Gilmore 1996 sports comedy film)

Also known as, "Why Chubbs will always be remembered?

Short synopsis of Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore is about a guy who finds out that he is actually talented at playing golf. He ends up playing the sport, even though he wanted to be a hockey player, due to unforeseen circumstances.
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If you’re dead, no one cares about you anymore

Sometimes, when you’re watching or reading something, don’t you feel that some characters end up being forgotten by the other characters?

For instance, if a character dies, other characters might mourn for a while, but they’ll soon move on and practically forget that this dead character previously existed.

This really makes it seem like said character died just because the plot demanded it or just to have something dramatic and unexpected happen or maybe even just to show that anyone can die in this show.

If the viewers or readers themselves end up forgetting those dead characters or don’t like those dead characters enough to care who thinks of them or what happens to them, then it’s not so bad to have the other characters forget this person because it won’t be noticeable.

But if that’s not the case at all, then the audience might wonder why the other characters have already forgotten about this dead character and they might think that whatever they’re watching or reading isn’t all that believable. This is why it’s worth noting how the Happy Gilmore film dealt with a dead character.

Who is Chubbs?

Chubbs Peterson (played by Carl Weathers) is a former golf player who had his hand bitten off by an alligator. Later on, when he saw the head of said alligator, he got so terrified and scared that he fell out of a window. He either died because of a heart attack or because of the window fall.

Chubbs’ purpose in the movie was to convince the protagonist, Happy Gilmore (played by Adam Sandler), to start playing golf and then to teach him how to properly play said sport. He died when his purpose was seemingly apparently already fulfilled.

Chubbs may be gone, but he’ll never be forgotten

However, even though he died, he wasn’t forgotten. I like how Happy didn’t forget about Chubbs even after the funeral. He talked of dedicating his playing at the golf tournament for Chubbs. When he was thinking about his happy place, Chubbs was a part of that.

Even at the very end of the movie, Chubbs was still present and that’s great because that prevented his death from feeling like a cop-out, like something that had to happen for the sake of a few moments of drama (in the form of the funeral scene) in a movie that’s supposed to be funny. What do you think about this?

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