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The Wedding Singer Movie: This Will Make You Wonder Why Julia Is In Love With Glenn

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
(*Warning for possible spoilers for The Wedding Singer 1998 American romantic comedy film. It’s about the title character who ends up finding love after he gets his heart broken)

Also known as, "What's the reason why you're engaged, but not married?"
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Engaged, but not yet married

Soon after The Wedding Singer movie begins, we are introduced to Julia Sullivan (played by Drew Barrymore), a waitress and the main female character. We soon find out that she’s engaged to this businessman named Glenn Gulia (played by Matthew Glave).

But they’ve actually been engaged for years and yet there’s still no set date for their wedding. Upon hearing this, you have to wonder why that is the case, right? Why haven’t the two gotten married yet? What’s stopping them from getting married if they apparently love each other?

What’s wrong with Glenn in The Wedding Singer?

When we finally get to meet Glenn, he seems like an all right person who just doesn’t seem ready to settle down or is just not yet ready to get married.

But, as we get to know him more, it soon becomes apparent that he’s not exactly a nice person and that’s putting it lightly and mildly considering the things that he did.

Does Glenn really love Julia?

The way he and Julia interact with each other can really make you wonder why they’re even together in the first place or how they could have possibly fallen in love.

Gulia appears to be more interested in his work and even in other women than in his own fiancée seeing as he has no qualms cheating on Sullivan. He can’t even spare just a little bit of his time to help Julia plan their wedding.

the wedding singer, movie, film, romantic comedy, julia sullivan, glenn gulia, ddrew barrymore, adam sandler

He doesn’t show even an ounce of worry or concern when his fiancée gets drunk during their date. Instead, all he cared about was making sure that Julia didn’t puke all over his car. It’s these kinds of things and more that make you wonder how and why the 2 haven’t broken up yet.

How can Julia love Glenn?

Why would Julia stay with Glenn when it doesn’t seem like the guy even has time for her and when the guy doesn’t even seem to love her?

Why would Glenn stay with Julia when he has no qualms going out with other women? If he doesn’t love Julia anymore, then why bother staying with her and even asking her to get married?

Together because of familiarity?

It’s a mystery, but, perhaps, the reason the 2 are still together is because they’re used to each other already. There’s a sense of familiarity in being together for all these years that it would undoubtedly be different if they split up.

Maybe they’re so used to being together that they can’t imagine it being any other way. In fact, when Julia was asked to consider entertaining other suitors or finding someone else other than Glenn to marry, she immediately refused.

It was only later on when she’d fallen in love with Robbie Hart (played by Adam Sandler), the wedding singer, that she finally broke it off with Gulia.

What about you? What do you think is the reason why Glenn and Julia remained engaged to each other even though it didn’t really seem like they truly loved each other?

-Image with added text was modified by Freya Yuki based on the image by Rusembell (CC:BY) from deviantArt
-Image is meant to represent Julia and Glenn and how their relationship must have been like before it all fell apart
- Second pic is from; link shown above
-YouTube video features a scene from The Wedding Singer

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