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The Wedding Singer Movie: 1 Way To Prove You Really Love Someone

Friday, March 10, 2017
(*Warning for possible spoilers for The Wedding Singer 1998 American romantic comedy film)

The Wedding Singer is about 2 people who are missing something in their lives and get their hearts broken. Can they find the happiness and love that they seek with each other?
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A believable misunderstanding?

Some movies or books have scenes wherein characters have a misunderstanding and they end up fighting or not talking to each other because of it.

Sometimes, such scenes can be done in a way that make them believable, but at other times, such incidents aren’t done well at all, so much so that you might end up questioning the event and wanting to know why things were done that way instead of some other way.

Misunderstanding scene in The Wedding Singer

A misunderstanding also occurs in The Wedding Singer movie, but this is done in a believable manner.

When Robbie Hart (played by Adam Sandler), the title character, goes to see Julia Sullivan (played by Drew Barrymore), the main female character, to talk to her and tell her that he loves her, he catches a glimpse of her from her window.
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She’s in her wedding dress and she looks so happy that it really seems as if she’s talking to someone, presumably her fiancé named Glenn Gulia (played by Matthew Glave).

As soon as Robbie sees that, he leaves, not bothering to try and talk to Julia because he sees how happy she is and he doesn’t want to ruin that.

But this is all one big misunderstanding because he got it all wrong. Julia is happy, but it’s because of Robbie and not Glenn. She is talking to someone, but that’s just her reflection in the mirror.

Reasons why this scene in The Wedding Singer is believable

With this incident, some might feel frustrated that the 2 didn’t end up talking and settling things between them at this point in the film.

And some might think that the wedding singer should have gone to see Julia anyway and should have tried talking to her so he could find out about the misunderstanding and be able to clear things up between them.

However, Robbie deciding against talking to Julia Sullivan in this scene is actually believable because this part helps to show just how much he really loves her.

He loves her enough to let her go, so when he saw how happy she was. He didn’t want to destroy that happiness or intrude in what appeared to be a very happy and joyous moment for her.

If he’d gone to talk to her anyway even after seeing such a scene, it would have shown and indicated that he was being selfish and that he was only thinking about himself and that he didn’t care if Julia got hurt or not. What do you think about this?

- Image with added text was modified by Freya Yuki based on the image by Rusembell (CC:BY) from deviantArt
- Image is meant to represent the main couple in The Wedding Singer, Robbie and Julia
- Second pic is from; link shown above
- YouTube video features a scene from the aforementioned movie

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